Freedom from what Binds

Declare Me in every moment – even in the secret places…the dark places by planting a flag in the spirit, that declares my ownership in the particular matter you are struggling with or in! In your meditation think of this – that I am in these places, my presence and power, and then praise Me in the places you have planted the flags bringing glory to My name in these matters – praise declaring the victory you have in Me. In so doing I will enter in and claim back what was stolen. Do this and you will be free. You see, where my Spirit is, there is freedom. Do not allow the wrong, the mistakes, the outcome of sin to speak – for death has no say when you turn your attention on to Me. In the deepest of sin, invite me in to this place and see what I will do! I desire to take you out from the dark crevices and bring you into the marvelous light!
Note: examples of declaration may be:
‘Jesus, I invite you into my love for alcohol – and I plant a flag that signifies I declare you as owner in this matter! I praise your name in this place! You are greater, and break the chains – you are Lord in this place!’
‘Jesus, I invite you in this place of torment and hurt in my heart for _______ who has violated me and abused me – You are Lord in this matter! Have your way.’