Victory in Praise

As one walks upon the narrow way they are not subject to the wiles of the wicked one, but to Me.  Yet, they are very much touched daily with the effects of sin and death in and among the world.  But, as they walk among this, they draw from my Life and power to overcome the attempts that assail them daily.  As My life flows through such a one, they are like magnets that draw good and are like healing stations on a planet that is dominated by death and destruction.  In the power of praise to My name they are untouchable for the evil forces hate and cannot get near to such acts of worship.  So I say sing!  Sing to Me in your routines, let your heart declare My love and goodness to the open air!  For in doing so it is like spraying the most powerful disinfectant known to man!  It destroys all the evil in its reach.  Clarity will follow.  You will see that it is like this; I am substance and that which is evil is full of hot air!  Evil needs a willing vessel to feed off of for its power to come into effect.  In the act of declaring praise and thanksgiving to Me, the power evil has, in your situation and around you will weaken and even disappear!  For in praise you invite My presence into wherever it is you are – it is vast and far too deep for the human mind to comprehend.  If it were to be made into a movie, it would be most thrilling and exhilarating what takes place in the spirit.   And when my people praise unto my name they are doing battle!  And are destined for victory!   On the other hand, Satan dwells in the atmosphere of condemnation – the acts of sin and death is where he draws his power.  Glory not in his activity – which is giving attention to his impact – instead, fortify your walls!  Make your gates praise and your walls salvation unto Lord!  For my ways are what is true – praises bring what is true, good and right into what presents and this is the recipe for my victory on earth.