What I Give You

I have given you My Son.  In Him I am well pleased and oh how I love Him so.  He and I are in complete fellowship together, we agree in everything there is no contention.  I have given Him all things and He has made all things to be through Him.  Our relationship is something that cannot be comprehended on an earthly level.  It is pure and holy.  He is my heart’s desire and has fulfilled Me as Father.

We created you in love.  You are our joy and delight.  It had to be so, where I gave my Son for the redemption of man – there was no other way, as there was no greater love that could cover such sin!  I, was like Abraham – but, I from my own hand DID slay my Son – My beloved!!  At the moment of My slaying Him, the scavengers of evil of every kind set in – My love for Him – the pain of a Father…..was there as I watched Him be abused, tormented and tortured.  It would be something of a different entirety if He had deserved what He endured, but He was the perfection of what I desire!  He had no sin in Him, His love for Me was perfect and demonstrated through and through – He did not waver – even under the weight of all sin – He never sinned.  Yet He became sin- took on its disgusting stench so that I no longer could look at Him, I could no longer approve of Him – He was dead to me.  That hour was the most heart wrenching moment for the both of us and mankind will never understand.  But oh how this was the power that rent the veil of the temple in two!  This was the power that shook the whole earth!  He overcame – for you and triumphed – just as we had planned it out from the beginning.  Out of His death came the life that we have desired for mankind from the beginning of time – rich, full and in fellowship with us.  A price had to be paid for such an expensive debt. What we have done, must never be taken for granted.  Unfortunately this is the case.  Though it was of great cost to us because it cost nothing to those who would receive it – it easily is treated more like a bargain does for those who stumble upon a ‘good deal’ – they are thrilled to receive such a good deal and feel the high of the value but because they go no further to discover the meaning of this ‘bargain’ it becomes a mere commodity to them where they operate in a what’s in it for me relationship.

Our hearts break at the watching of this among the assemblies for they become like spoiled children who begin to demand and expect out of the richness that is provide them.  This is something that we do not condone – nor are we ever part of.  For it is earthly and sensual and every demonic thing congregates there.

No, many are led by their lusts who think they are believers of the way, but this is the question that will be asked on that very important day to which they will have to answer;

What did you do with My Beloved Son?

How have you managed His life that was given for you while you lived on earth, in all its freedom and wealth it provides?  For you see, His life was to be your treasure and where you would find truth and the way.

It will be a great & terrible day – for those who have ears – let them hear! Amen.