The Law of Liberty

Blessed is the one who looks to the law of the Lord, for this one gains up into abundance.  In the law of the Lord is the sustenance of life and freedom 2 ingredients that drive away the evil forces that often overthrow man.  It is a practice that must be daily mastered for its effectiveness for it is like a live wire – of living activity for it will not manifest in a dormant style of living.  This is the very essence of this law, it is the continual moving in one direction and this direction is like no other but is often mimicked.  The direction is the way of Christ.  You see, you have the way of going left, right, up, down, in or out and so forth, where the direction of Christ is not like that.  His way is always narrow in perfection – but remembering He is the perfection.  For to think that one must be perfect first – in this thinking they have already lost their way and walk another path.  This is how many stray, yet they don’t even realize they have strayed, for they accept their experience as coming from the Hand of God.  Many books, sermons and articles have been printed – with great acceptance by the masses based on this wrong way.  They take the false produce as precious, they deem it so and it becomes what their imagination dictates to them.  They do not understand that it is as empty as a cloud that has no rain within it.  This type of experience only creates waste and distraction.  The enemy is master over keeping souls such as this occupied with what their heart seeks after for he provides generously.

The mark of walking in the way of Christ is one who seeks not his own.  To seek not from or for oneself is what it means to deny oneself.  Take care to understand that there is a close parallel of ‘self-denial’ that many religions adopt for this type excludes the work of the Cross.  One must be ever diligent to examine motivation upon what it is they do – as they deem it for the Lord.  For those who killed Christ Jesus were under this evil influence.  Self-seeking can be masked very easily into doing good – yet the root be as evil as murder!  Self seeking manifests law, which consists of domination and rule, where denial of oneself manifests grace, which consists of freedom and love.  To one who is in close communion with Me – they will easily spot out the two for one exhumes the fragrance of Christ, most pleasing and a delight to be around where the other is an odor that repels.  Christ himself does not come to condemn so as there is the spirit of condemnation – Christ is not in this.  Many are snared by those who practice in this way, and for their release they must fix to submit to God in all things and to resist the devil in all things and they will see their freedom.  Submitting to God involves the throwing off of all else, fixing your eyes upon Him and giving to Him all you are, do and want.  As you do this, you wait for Him to direct you.  It is only as you obey what He says.  In submission you are diligent in searching out His ways, through the reading of scripture, prayer and belief in that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.  Submission to Him means that you are not fearing man – for the fear of man is the fuel that keeps one bound.  To fear God is to be in the place of submission.  Many do not fully understand that when one is under the domination and control of another – they have placed such a one on the throne and it is they who they honour and submit to.  They have allowed fear to master them.  I am far from this dynamic.  They pray to me for help and I see their affliction yet I am limited within this because of whom they choose to serve.  I speak to them but it can only be from afar – yet my voice can be heard.  For I do not relent and continue to speak to them.  But alas, even some such as these are so bound, yet, I have been able to speak truth – for they have inclined their ear to Me and provided to them the way of escape.  My mercy is great and I long to bring release to all who are bound and I will never relent.  If one were to see how much they are offered by my voice and how they discount, deny and disobey what I speak to them, they would understand that they are bound because of disobedience to Me.  They are without excuse for my mercy and grace extend upon them continually for they choose another over Me.  To the one who wields domination and control I am in the same way speaking to them continually, but because they are driven by their own appetite for power and control, they cannot hear my words to them.  Most times my words are not something they desire – they are repelled by them. This type of soul is one that I have mentioned when I say they are like whitewashed tombs with dead man’s bones inside!  For they are expert at looking very good from the naked eye but upon my inspection, death is uncovered – the law of sin and death is rampant within.  For they are law makers and make it their aim to bind all who they are in contact with.  Where the Spirit of the Lord is – you will find liberty.  What is liberty?  It is the place that is above all the trappings of this world.  The place where I speak and am heard clearly.  Liberty is not being attached to anyone or anything.  Liberty is being found In Christ, drinking from Him and eating of Him – looking unto Him for your every need.  As you are in this place you are in the most broadest, full and abundant place you can ever be – for you are lost in His depths and are safe from all that is in the world to snare you.  Liberty is the opposite of control and condemnation.  When you live in Liberty you have confidence in your standing and that you are accepted into the beloved.  To stand in this is to live in this – this is the power that allows my sons and daughters to overcome.  This is what the dyeing world needs to see!

I am the truth the way and the life….to come to the Father, all must come through Me.  My way is narrow – but all who go through are given the means to do so.  All that is needed is the willingness to put one foot ahead of the other, determining to walk in My way – I will take such a one and begin walking within them in the path that leads to the law of life and liberty – in Christ to the fullness of all that is.