I Am Calling To You Sinner!

You who have settled under the smothering blanket of sin.  My voice is faint, but I am God and can speak anywhere.  I speak now, to you, I wait for your ear to incline to Me.  For sin has pressed you in and has trapped you.  The sin that you once enjoyed as a good and soothing thing, steals from you now and is killing to destroy you.  But My voice will continue to speak to you, tirelessly.  For I see what awaits all those who continue in this path – and I do not take pleasure in the fate of the wicked.  For realize that you are counted as wicked in My eyes.  For you live for the love of sin.  Oh, but I am a good person you believe in your heart!  Do not be deceived, for there is none that is good in My eyes, not one!  There is none who chooses good and to be good!  It is only through My Son that any shall escape My wrath – for this, He is the only good.  So, here you are, you are under this cloak of wickedness, saying you are a good person – I say, come out!  Come out and live!  Choose life!  Call on the name of My Son Jesus, with a true heart, to believe in Him to save you from sin – and breathe your first breath of true life!  And you will realize how you have lived all these years, like a pig in its filthy pen.   It will be stench to your nostrils once you choose life, and you will no longer desire to be sin’s temple, but will become a dwelling place for Me that will be pure, clean and holy filled with My Spirit.   I am God and there is no other, and I will do that which I said I will do and there is not one who I cannot make holy!  I will give to you a new heart and you will choose to love Me and hate sin because I will give you a heart that will burn for Me.  Do not settle for anything less.  For this is the plan that I have for you.  It has always been for a future and a hope, so you will be with Me now, in this life and forever.  You will be who I have called you to be and will enter my joy.

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