Careful In Keeping Your Oil

Where are all My People?  They are for My gathering and are in the midst of this world awaiting Me.  They contain the flame I have placed within them that lights their way, keeps them warm and allows Me to see where each one is.  There is none that will be lost or forgotten in the day of My gathering.  For in this day they will be like magnets to My call and be snapped up in My power to draw them.

Like I have spoken once regarding how important it is to keep your lamps full of oil – so that this flame will never go out, I say it again!  I see throughout the world far too many in this dangerous place.  They have neglected to labor to keep their supply of oil in their vessels.  You see, My Holy Spirit is the oil, and He is the power for the flame of God within each and to too many who believe they need to do nothing in maintaining My Spirit to accommodate My Presence is a lie that has spread and causing many fall by this deception.  My Spirit has been deposited into all who believe in Me and My work I have done applies to these who would receive Me.  What is forgotten is that I AM – which is to say, I am alive – living and require the accommodation of each soul who would have Me to continue to live.  I AM the God of the living, not the dead!   For as one continues to live according to their flesh – which is dead, and does not yield to My Spirit they become further and harder each time they ignore Me.  My Spirit will continue in ones like so for only a time for I will not be mocked!  Though My love can never be separated from those who are mine – My love is something that the finite mind cannot ever understand.  This has been the lie that many hold to as they live lives denying My power in how they continue to live – so they may continue in such apostasy!  I even love all those who are lost, apart from Me – but does this constitute them to be saved from My wrath?  No!  My love is not what saves.  My love is the reason I made a way for all -so they not perish but have everlasting life – what saves is the blood that was spilt – to those who take it, and drink – for in it is life.  You see, I have given man breath, so they may live.  If they stop breathing, they do not live, they will die.  In the same way, I have given My blood so man will live and not die – but they must continue in my blood to continue to live, this is why I say I am the bread of life and the living water – you must eat and drink – and continue to do so, to live.

My Spirit is a deposit and to those who continue to draw upon Me more I give – and to those who do not draw, what they have will be taken from them.  My love has nothing to do with this for I have done all that I can so that none would perish – it is the will of man that makes his choice to turn from what I am, and give.  Yes, man has his will for I am not a puppet master and do not force anyone to love or continue to love Me.  For though I already know who will go to hell does not mean that I was the one who chooses for each.  This is another where man’s finite understanding can never grasp.  There are many snares that many waste much time in endless debating – and this is one of them.

These words I speak, to many – even the ones to whom need to hear, will not understand them.  For to such ones as these I say ask and continue to ask, knock and continue to knock seek and continue to seek – then I will know you want what it is I tell you and will give you understanding in the things of the Spirit.  Be careful to all who I have deposited My Spirit – for He is the very power that raises the dead, do not treat Him as though He were less for the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  Cry out for the understanding for the fear of the Lord and you will be careful to walk in participation with My Spirit and live in the power I Am and give.

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