Trial, Pain & Suffering

Take encouragement from My Hand in your times of great trial.  For this is the only way to bring you through.  Careful to what you pay heed to, in all who will speak words to you, words born out of sympathy.  Sympathy is a counterfeit to what I give and will keep you in the place you despair.  Peter attempted to give to Me sympathy when he rebuked My mission.  What if I had listened and agreed with him in that God is much too kind to give to me the cup I was to drink?  Do you claim to know about the kindness of God?  Who can understand it with the human mind bathed in human emotion?  My encouragement will sustain you – feed you in the depths you are in and goes far beyond human emotion – and will anchor your soul so you may ride the storm upon you.  Your emotion says ‘I want, I need, I must have!’ where I say, ‘give, give up, and give all that you have in you – to Me’  My encouragement says to empty out – so I may fill and you will have my comfort.