Right but oh so wrong!

There is a way that seems right – in man’s own eyes. A way that is rooted and grounded in the soil of a prideful heart. The fruit of such is like an orange, yet when you open it up to feast upon its splendor – you are met with its emptiness of any such thing. The hungry soul continues to be hungry. So it is as men who speak and teach the things of God as one being right in their own eyes. Who are the ones that do such things as this? They are the ones who you will find that many embrace and sit under eagerly. They may be known as pastor, teacher or prophet. They may have a following great in numbers and usually do. Why? Because of the itching ears that seeks for them? For it is they that raises such one to fame. Upon what measuring rod is used to seek after their truth? Not the word of God and not His Son. It is the fancy of this world in the love of the flesh. For when the God I AM is present, He moves hearts to break them. He moves in souls to remove the world and the clinging to the dead flesh and its deeds. Where you sit, to listen and learn, are you moved like this? If not, wake up while the day is still called day – and submit to God and flee from such idolatry!

Proverbs 21:2

Every way of a man is right in his own eyes,
But the Lord weighs the hearts.