Are You Ready for My Coming?

I am fast approaching and see a people (who say they know Me) who are going to and fro with such busyness. They have much to do and even when they don’t they are content to have nothing to do!  Where in truth, they have a great deal to prepare for and they are not concerned with readying themselves for My arrival.  In the time before My coming – they will faint and lose heart because they will have used up all the oil in their lamps.  For to live in Christ, in the abiding, is where you will find safety from the evil one.  For in this day the evil one is granted the ground that he has not had previous, and will have all the opportunity to do as he pleases.  For My arm will lift- but not from those who have Me as their life.   For it will be a time where they will need to be deeply rooted and grounded in Me, who I AM, and my Word.  Because they will not have these – there will be a great falling away.   Instead they are deeply rooted and grounded in the things of the world and their flesh.   It has always been my will for those who call on my name be a people who seek Me, spend time in prayer to Me and follow my commands and the separating of themselves from the world – for this is where My Life resides and where I offer growth and strength and power to overcome.  Know that I come for a pure and spotless Bride!