To all the little children who were taught Jesus, and now are lost.

I desire to speak to those who were taught about Me in their early years – that they would hear what I say to them. I am the God who does not change and am the same yesterday, today and forever more. You may have met Me and embraced Me and believed Me to be true. But as the years have gone by and now that you have grown you have left the things that you once knew of God and once paid attention to in regards to Me. Some may have been barely a believer of My words. Some took My words and let them enter into their hearts and were eager to learn and believe Me. But now you are far from Me. Even now you do not confess to know Me and you have taken other beliefs that are contrary to what I say. Some say they believe in Me, but in their own way or in a general sense. Some hate even hate Me.
I come to you today and speak these words: It is true who I AM is the God I AM. In scripture I have revealed Myself. I am strict, but I am also full of love, for it is I that has created love. Love has been twisted and the purity of it is no longer allowed to dwell in most places in the world. It would be compared to taking the beauty of a rose and tossing it aside for a fake plastic rose – and calling this flower the true rose. My love is not flat, it is not of this world and has many dimensions. The love of this world is flat, has one dimension and is self serving. My love can only be understood by those who have embraced Me – in faith, and to those I impart this love. This is why those who do not consider Me, hate Me or have not embraced Me cannot understand, and what they do not understand, they reject. Yet, I have imparted in each human being a cell. This cell is one that is like a honing and is a receptor to Me. Even though one is not a believer in the God of Creation – there is this cell that calls to Me. It is a hard saying for understanding, but it is this cell that cries out for Me ‘Abba Father!’ So I challenge all those who have left all they have been taught, learned and once knew in the things of God Almighty – and join in the cry for Me. For I will declare to you this day – if you do, I will enter into your life and you will know that I am God. If you continue to call I will give to you eyes to see what is true. If you still continue to call I will fill you with the desire for the truth – and you will be compelled to call out to Me and I will come into you. I have plans for you that are good and not evil – all along, for they have been already written! My plan is that you turn from the darkness and look into the light and join Me. You see, I desire that you be found, for you are lost – and I am calling out to all My lost ones now. It is time, for the days are getting darker and I do not want you to be lost forever.