New Life means death to old

I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life – ALL must go through Me if they are to be received by My Father.  How do you go through Me?  By believing and receiving Me as your Lord and Savior – to believe and receive is to live in faith in who I am and have done.  What I have done – I have given new life.  In this new life, no longer are there chains to your human flesh, with the Self-man to make any demands that keep you in bondage.   No longer is your master the devil.  These are no longer your life – they are dead.  It is no longer you who lives – but I who lives in you.   For where My Spirit is, there is freedom to this soul.  My economy is always contrary to what the world and the flesh deal in – you want to be free?  Look to where you must die!  For in this, My life can enter in – and bring you into your true identity.  I do not give and give and give – like many believe!  I give, as you die!  I give only more and you continue to die!  My life is lived in all who are willing to die.  It must be so.  The power of the early church lived in the truth of this.  Today, it is not so and there are many deceived.  They hold onto two lives that of out of their flesh and to live also in My name.  I do not speak of martyrdom, as many who are deceived make it their life’s achievement – this is a doctrine that comes from the enemy of the souls of men, I am the God of the living – not the dead!

I have led the way – I did all that the Father called Me to do and did not consider My own will but only to do that of My Father’s will.  This is true for all who desire to be Mine and can only be done by denying the Self.  Die to live.  Live to die.  Only then, will you walk in My Spirit and power.   It is time to lay down your life, die to yourself, pick up your cross and follow after Me.  Leave the world behind you and look ahead into Me and My life I have for you.