Who Am I but the Lord God Almighty, ready to save, ready to destroy.  I love, and I hate.  I give and I take.  The God of peace and destruction.  Heaven, eternal life, Hell and eternal death.  There are none who can understand Me that they try to answer for Me in the things they cannot comprehend in the human mind!  What I build, I can tear down – if I so desire!

I desire that I have a people who desire after Me, as I come to them – that they respond to My touch – to know Me.  I come in many ways to a person, to awaken them towards Me.  Those who keep their minds stayed upon Me shall walk in My peace.  My peace is in the place where they are able to see, hear and know Me.  It comes more and more as they submit unto Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  Many who I draw, do not know they are being drawn by Me – but there comes a day where I make Myself manifest to them – so they would declare and believe in Me to be their God.

There is a ploy laid for those who call on My name and place their hope in My Son – to divide the truth.  This is why you must love the Lord God with ALL your heart, ALL your mind and ALL your soul – to do otherwise, you are open to deception.  ‘Nobody’s perfect’ I hear many say as they continue to live unkempt lives that bare no semblance to Me.  I have no pleasure in such as these.  I require a commitment in My people – to Me.  The commitment manifests in how they live among this evil and perverse generation.  I am God, Holy and true – and I demand this!  I gave My Son to all who would commit to Me – so they may walk as He walked to keep my commands.  Instead, there is a way that seems right that they walk in, and expect the God I AM to line up to how they have proposed to live!  I live not in the deeds of dead man’s flesh, I have come to live in the new man by the Spirit of the Living God!  I will not be mocked!  For my glory and majesty forbids it!  Whoever would sow into his flesh, to partake in its pleasures and desires will reap its judgement – this is the true law of sowing and reaping!  You will never find any good thing as you dig around in the flesh of man and yet this is what is brought to My table!  Yet I have a people who think they be My messengers, My servants – who present the treasures of their own hearts – and call it ‘of God!’   Do you not remember Uzza – who I struck dead because he put forth his own hand to steady my Ark, or Aaron’s sons, Nadab and Abihu – as they used fire of their own in My presence.  Or Ananias and Sapphira as they purposed a plan in their heart that conspired against My Spirit – all I struck dead with My own hand.  And too, My anger kindles against mockery that has been propagated in My name.

One need only to humble himself, seek Me – repent of their own wickedness and I will bring into each one, the true flame of God.  In this flame there contains My fear – to do what is right in My eyes understanding that to do otherwise, is counted as lawless – and wicked in My sight.   Do not be deceived Oh people, you have an enemy, who comes as an angel of light, who even speaks of the good news of the kingdom of God and who understands the art of deceiving – even the most wise.  Do not think that you cannot be deceived – and make it your diligence to seek My face, in humility of spirit – and I will reveal to you the folly of what is known to many as the truth in the things of God.  Seek Me while I may be found!



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