Last Days Exhortation

In the gathering of My people, as it is written, they will see Jesus as He is, for He is within them – they have in glory to glory been transformed into the image of My Son, so they will be like Him.  My Spirit must be yielded to – so I may move in a soul.  Yield yourself, more and more to Me.  Give to Me places in your heart that you have not given to Me.  For in this you expand into My own Image.  Do not think that you are complete – in that there is no more work to be done in you – because you stand uncondemned.  This is a teaching of man – and comes not from Me and My Word.  Press on, move forward toward the prize in Christ Jesus.  He is where all the fullness dwells – and to do this there is to be the casting off of the old and dead.  Many are the rooms that a soul has that are closed off to My Spirit – and this is not understood in that it is not even acknowledged.  I will show the yielded soul for the Spirit leads and guides into all truth, and it is a yielded vessel that understands their frailty and must be shown all things and to take nothing for granted or to presume.  For they must be as sheep, who are cared for and led by the Shepherd.  It will be this way until they breathe the last breath on earth – that there is always a room – in their hearts, where they need to invite My Spirit to dwell to bring them refreshing and freedom from the bonds of the flesh.  My desire is to bring freedom.  Freedom as not the world sees – but true freedom.  My freedom is one where though you may be bound by man to be imprisoned – you remain free, that you may sing songs of praise to Me as My servants did as it is written.  My freedom, you are able to face death that will come to many who name the name of Christ as their Lord – with no fear, and still will be filled with My power to praise My name and look to My glory as joy to look unto!   This freedom is what I speak of in that they loved not their own lives even unto death.  This is the power that I give – that My people must have in these last days – then they will walk burning in the fire of God giving Me glory and Honor – testifying Jesus Christ overcoming by the Blood of the Lamb.

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