Inexhaustible Riches

Who among you would lay down your own life?  To this one would only live to gain.  For it is only this kind of soul that would turn their back from their own self, will they receive the riches from heaven out of My treasuries.  Oh, but do not be deceived, my riches that I bestow have no value in the earthly kingdoms.  My wealth is not sought after by the natural man like in the stock markets that many gain from.  Nor in the successes of good business, and entrepreneurship.  My wealth, My prosperity, My success – must be found and utilized in My Kingdom.  This is where those who are mine are to conduct their business.  My economy is untouched by any one and is eternal.  Those who utilize My trade, are ones who count it all joy when they used and abused by others for My namesake for as they do, they are strengthened in My Spirit and are filled with My joy and love in the midst of this world’s madness.  I only give more to those who would desire this.  For in truth, My people will face hardship, tribulation and opposition, but will endure and will glorify My Name as they live – not loving their own lives, but unto their love for Me.  For I fill them with such love.  You see, I give and will continue to give to all who would make it their daily practice to lay down their own lives, which is the desire to please and walk in their own wills.  It must be in this way, for I do not share in the one who wishes to live for their own desires to fulfill the needs of their flesh.  Though one gives only a sliver to Me, I will be faithful to My word.  I am fluid, I am not idle – so those who shall look to Me, even if it is little by little.  Give to Me, look for what must be renounced, removed and repented of – everyday, for I will surely show you.  For understand that this is for your own health and safety for it is never acceptable to harbour what I detest and died for!  My desire has always been to consume all who would have Me, let this be your desire in that you would yield to Me as your life practice.  Give to Me, your willingness, give to Me the dark rooms in your soul and you will gain My riches, My fullness, and will lack for nothing!  Humble yourself before your God, cry out to be filled with only more in the posture of no longer living for Self.  For as you give to Me your Self, I will give to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over – which is your gain.  For with the same measure that you give to Me I give back to you!  For it is only to your advantage to give all you can, for truly you will only increase and prosper in My name.  As I have given My life, so you too must give your life, and you will live the Life I have provided for all who trust Me as Lord and Savior.

Note:  This word is in continuation to the previous post:  The Hole In Your Heart

As the Lord gives me these words I usually have extra writing that compliments them that is found on my other blog Way Truth & Life.  Below are some that correspond with this word.

Christ Sets Us Free -Not Just A Cliché!

Christ Sets Us Free -Not Just A Cliché! Part B



    • Thank you for posting my word, your site opens up to many, and I so appreciate this. I see that you have not included the last of my post which included a link to a corresponding post – which I believe to be helpful. I pray your indulgence to include this – again, many thanks to you and God bless your ministry.
      The link was these:
      Christ Sets Us Free -Not Just A Cliché!

      Christ Sets Us Free -Not Just A Cliché! Part B
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