The Deceived

There are many who walk about thinking they are following after Me.  They speak My name, pray in My name and they say they love Me but what decides this to be true in that I truly am Lord of their life?   Those who are true followers of Me do not think of their own life at all, they look to the Son of My love – to His life.  These ones will seek Me in ALL that they do for they understand that there is no other option that I must have all of them -for them to rightly follow after Me.    It is a walk where in this world they will be in continual battle with their greatest enemy – and that is Self which is rooted in the flesh, where the devil has power, and has no part in the Spirit, where I Am found.  In this great battle that they have daily they are continually aware and give to Me all that they can so they may take and receive Me;  to take Me, they must let go of Self.   Those who are mine  follow after  the pattern of emptying to be filled.  Yet, there are those who attempt to get to Me through and by other means, and that is to continue to live as they wish adding to the Self which always quenches the Spirit.  They do not follow after the conviction that my Spirit gives, but instead by their feelings and own understanding.  They are ones who do not trust in the scriptures as being fully true to be their guide and revelation of My heart.  Instead the scriptures are used by them, like a product and not received as the well spring of life.  Where in truth, scripture is food I give for the growth, edification and insight of life in the Spirit of the living God.  These ones are like users, they have a motive that is selfish, for they will come to Me once in a while and almost never when things are going well and will cling to Me when they experience hard times and will look to Me to fix their problems.  What they need to do is give to Me themselves so I may deliver them from what binds them and this involves giving up and surrender.  For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.  Nay, in the hard times they face they do not ask Me to do with them as I please so that I would accomplish My perfect will.  Instead they enlist others to pray for their victory or that they would overcome the particular difficulty as if the problem is the problem.  They are acting out of self and do not have the understanding that it is I that has caused or allowed the problem in the first place so that I might get their attention then their devotion.  It is for their own good, but because they look at it through the eyes of their own understanding they miss the opportunity I have presented to them – so they may enter My rest. Like those in the wilderness who were not able to enter because their hearts were still in Egypt so too are these who do not seek to go on, into the Promised Land that My Son has bought for them.

As the Lord gives me these words I usually have extra writing that compliments them that is found on my other blog Way Truth & Life.  Here is a post that corresponds and relates to this particular word.  When lies become our truth


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