Weighed in the Balance & Found Wanting

The warning and the cry of the Lord goes out and there are only but a few to pay heed.  The rest are found elsewhere and not about doing the Lord’s business.  They will be the ones where the day of the Lord is like a thief, for they do not pay attention to all the warnings I give, nor to My rebukes.  Instead, they live to gratify their flesh and love the world, their hearts are far from Me – though they think they follow Me.  It is just as I have said long ago.  For My voice stirs the hearts of those who will hear, and who are mine.  For My sheep will and do hear My voice.  My Spirit resides in ones who will have Me.  But for those who wander after the lure of Satan, My Spirit is like a faint vapor to them.  For however much you give you receive.  As you give Me place, I will consume and reside and grow (you) in strength and power – this is how you become an overcomer.  It is just as in the parable of the talents.  What I give (the deposit of My Spirit) I expect a return.  But the many have hid and shoved My Spirit in a hole and lived life without even giving Me any serious thought let alone commitment.  They do not take My yoke to learn Me, nor do they know Me, and so, I do not know them for how could I when they tucked Me away to not interact with Me?  How could they know Me – How could I know them in such a way?  For My Spirit is a great treasure and has the worth of great power – to heal and deliver and increase a life to become My image bearers.  So the many who do not take My Spirit as the treasure it is – and have dug a hole in the ground and hidden it – they will be met with shock as they will see what they have done.  Is this the kind of people who I come for in My Bride?  Not so, for they did not make themselves ready.  They did not buy gold that I look for, by going through the fire to burn off the flesh so to increase in Spirit.  They did not desire to see and apply My eye salve that I give for they were not willing to pay the price, and that is to deny themselves.  They do not weigh in but are found wanting.  They are empty and this is why they do not hear the voice of the Lord at this time.  They do not sense the urgency of the day and hour – because in the deception they have followed, there is no need to be urgent or to ready themselves, for the teaching they take hold of tells them they are perfect and forgiven and accepted in My sight!  Woe to these, woe to them – for they have not even dared consult with Me, for I would have told them and they would have taken heed to My rebuke and warning.

Parable of the Talents