Narrow Way

Narrow is the way and few desire to find and walk in this path which is My path.  This path is where you walk in what I call you to.  It often is a lonely road and where you are separated from even the ones who also walk this road.  In this path you are guaranteed My arm of protection according to My will for you.  It is where you are closest to hearing My voice.  This narrow way, is one where I bless those who choose it. Many mistake that this narrow way is a onetime choice, where they have expressed their love and acceptance of Jesus to make Him Lord, this is true, but not complete in that it is a moment by moment path where to forge ahead is to walk in the obedience I call for, where there is no excuse made for compromise.

Those who walk upon the wide way and say they follow Me are deceived and walk in dangerous territory, for My hand of protection is not there.  Though My sovereign will still stands where I will intervene on occasion this is often mistaken as being My blessing (and sign that they are in My will) which is in error.  They do not realize that the enemy of their soul walks very effectively as an angel of light, and can and does give ‘good gifts’ to those who worship him.  They do not realize that when they are not worshiping Me, they are worshiping him.  You cannot serve two masters, you will either love one and hate the other.  Far too many believe that because they have wealth and riches they have My hand of approval upon them – this too is deception.   And for some they will have a ‘peace’ that they take as being of Me, but if they were to look a little closer it is not what I give.  This peace they have is the dullness of heart that cannot discern correctly.  For the peace I give is much more than complacency it is what I give to those who rest completely in Me in surrender.

I do not need the wealth of this world to carry out my tasks.  In fact, I look for those who will work with Me to prove this ignorant and contrary.  I am the Lord God Almighty, I do anything I wish, and with what I choose to use.  Remember this and look for Me, not to the means when you are in need.   For your need is Me and no other.


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