My Brave Ones

Who are the brave ones?  They are those who are willing to die for Me.  No, I do not speak of physical death – as for far too many, they follow after a lie that says they must die for their god, to enter into their reward.  For in truth, you cannot die physically for Me, like so many who have done in My name – until you are able to die to yourself first.  In fact, unless you die to yourself, you cannot truly live – in Me to serve Me and enter into My Kingdom.  For as you do, your life is no longer your concern.  The cares you have had are no longer what you continue to have.  I say cut off that part of yourself that causes you to sin – and I say this without mercy!  For I see that if you do not it will carry you to hell!  Do you not see that to live in this world you cannot be of it?  Do you live to be rich?  Successful?  Famous?  Physically Fit and beautiful?  Do you love Me enough to desire to be blind – and lose your eyesight – if your eyes were the cause of sin that would lead you to hell?  Are you willing to give up all your treasures, collections and possessions if I ask them of you?  Would you lay down your career to take up a new job at McDonald’s if I called you to this? For truly, those who would offer themselves up to Me in this way, they are those who are brave and will lay down their lives so they may live for Me and what I ask of them.  I say that those who are cowardly are counted with the ungodly and murderers.  For we are in the days where too many do not even understand the truth and command to deny themselves and take up their cross and follow Me.  If this is you, you MUST learn what this means if you are to be counted as Mine.  Play no longer the game called church.  Go before Me and repent of this and begin now to deny yourself.  If you are so hard and blind and do not know what this means – go before Me with a sincere heart to ask Me what this means and I will take your hand and I will reveal to you this hard, but powerful truth.  Time to turn from how the coward lives before Me, to become one of My brave ones – for time is drawing to a close.

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