Strong Delusion

Preface:  As I was meditating upon the flurry of what is coming in – as warnings and words and I was asking the Lord regarding these to which I write what I heard Him tell me.

It is true in what you have said.  For in these last days have not many risen up to say ‘here is Christ, there is Christ?’  For what they say, they say is from Christ.  They state that Christ is here, speaking to them.  There has been created a frenzied stir and is not of My desire or doing.  It collects hungry souls, who take to this type to be their spiritual food.  For it is of a spiritual nature- not of mine, nevertheless it is spiritual and dangerous.  For this is the sifting that is to take place that judges those who are not sincere in Me.  For the sincere will recognize and not be taken away by this wave I have allowed.  For this is part of the strong delusion that has arisen that has now come.  My Words that I give, cause those who have ears to hear to draw close to Me.  To make their walk sure footed.  This is the fruit of true prophesy.  The words that are spoken forth of false in nature are not so.  They are like a fleeting flash of nonsense that are laced with truth that is also intermingled with lies.  Those who would lay hold of such will not sustain to draw close to Me, because it is out of a wrong motive, heart and spirit that it has been brought forth as well as from their own hearts to receive and embrace it and they soon look for another word that they may feed off of.  My words are not meant to be fed off of, but to create an action – that moves souls closer, toward Me.

Sensationalism is what is sweeping the lands on many levels.  Leaders, groups, lands – are being sensationalized in My name.  Never has this been so great as in these last days.  For the spirit that sends it – goes forth to enter into hearts who would receive it, to deceive and deceive some more!   The day now is where I separate those who desire Me and seek Me with those who follow after their own hearts and tickling ears.  Do not be deceived to think that the enemy is not clever enough to bring this about – even among those who think they are strong in My spirit!  I call all, to cling to Me, seek Me in all they do, think, say and believe – for you are in the place where that of great and powerful deceitful spirits are seeking to claim all that they can to fulfill what I have said long ago.  Look not to another, but Me.  Look to no other but what it is I came to do.  Look to no other but to believe on My name, for I give perfect peace to all whose eye is upon Me and to the one who puts his trust in Me.  Dig deep into My mysteries of the Kingdom of God, look for My treasures I give, and seek to remain in My abode – this is what I say to prophesy!

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