To Those Who Demand Evidence of My Existence

The evidence of My presence is so rich and prevalent that it has been taken for granted.  My -fingerprint is upon everything seen and unseen.  My fragrance flows through  My creation, My nature, My heart and My joy.  The landscapes are no coincidence!  I designed them.  The sunrise and the sunset – I ordered this beauty to complete perfection.  The calm seas, and the raging sea – they come from My heart – who I am!  The instinctual make up I place in all created things – are evidences of ‘the God particle.’  For the caring of a mother bear, the hovering of the hen for her chicks – did not just happen – I placed this there as a testimony to Myself.  Sin, death are clearly seen in creation.  Look at a corrupted water well – to drink it would bring sickness and even death.  Pick fruit from a tree, how long will it last before it decays.  Because Man has been cut off from God through Adam and Eve’s sin, like the fruit cut from the tree, death comes.  As surely as that fruit will succumb to decay so will all who choose not the God of Living Water who not only removes the decayed sin, but transforms each into new creations.   You have life, you have death – they reveal the reality of sin and righteousness in by design.  It is truly the fool who demands evidence of My existence!  For the very beating of their heart beats by My word!  The sense of touch for comfort, pleasure and pain – did they just randomly come forth?  The desire to be loved is this born from the evolution of apes?  The mysteries of the human mind and soul – I created and understand completely.  Who dares to challenge God with the words that question Him saying, ‘if there was a God then why does He allow suffering?’  This will never be answered for those who have a dark soul. For they ask out of ignorance and arrogance – and do not see how much they contribute to human suffering!  For who of these would sell all they have to give to the poor?  Who of these would be willing to lay down their lives to give opportunity for another to live?  I AM the Living Waters – for all to come and drink and live.  For all who come and drink of Me need not to question Me because they are carriers of My witness and testimony of My existence and they live in the reality of My Life.  The question to prove the existence of God is not the question to ask.  The question to ask is ‘Who Are You Lord?’  As Saul, who later became the apostle Paul did asked.  I surely revealed to Him who I was.  His life was changed. For now this, when I enter into lives, they do not remain the same, they too are changed.   I would reveal to all who asks with sincere heart and they would no longer would they need to ask again! See also Who do you say I am? and from Way Truth & Life Blog;  Does Jesus Know You?

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