Hear Me speak oh people!  Open your ears, and your hearts and you will receive what I will tell you.  It is I who holds all in My hands.  Do not be consumed with thinking that there is an enemy – greater than I,  for I am authority over all.   For many are taken captive because they believe that he (the enemy) has all power and victory over them or situations., one of which is often referred to as addiction.  It is only when you believe this that he gains power so to enter into such places he has been invited!  So many have fallen into pits and do not know that they can get out of them!  For this is the enemy’s tactic – to speak lies continually into the cowering and fearful soul.  This is why I tell you to keep your eye and heart upon Me, for in Me you will see ME and then you will not lay hold of the enemy and his ploys.  No matter the size of pit one may fall into, all that is needed is to set your eyes on Me, and call on Me for rescue.  When I say keep your eyes and heart on Me -that is to pursue Me;  Praying always in My Spirit, offering praise and thanksgiving in all things to your God, reading My word in the scriptures to learn who I am and to hear My heart. Looking to obey what you know to be right.  But it does not end there, for the enemy knows that he can come back into your life in greater strength and with more of his friends if you do not deal with the matter, My way.  For the enemy enters into your life because he was allowed.  There was an opening made through sin, whether it be known or unknown it does not matter.  This is why there must be vigilance in seeking to have a clean and holy heart, for in this the enemy has nothing to enter in by.  The blood of My Son washes all who confess their sin, and they are made clean.  Do not play games with God and think that one may sin and seek cleansing as part of a regular routine, or practice.  For this is mocking and insulting to the very life of My Son and His blood that was spilt!  The enemy too, sees through this (attitude) and will snag anyone so fast into his clutches like a spider that waits for prey to fall into the web so he may quickly bind!   Go back, to the place where the enemy was let in, if you do not know how, ask Me and I will reveal to you the sin or sins you committed that must be dealt with.  There must be the acknowledging of sin then the repentance of it.  Invite My Holy Spirit to enter in the place where the enemy resided to reveal anything else and where He will fill with His presence.  This is not all.   To remain free, there must be the understanding that to submit to Me, is to walk in freedom.  There is no other way.  So to maintain your life in accordance to My will in the power of the Holy Spirit is to walk in freedom – from sin.  To walk in sin, is to put yourself at risk again into bondage for you will surely reap what any and all sin will produce.  Too many do not take serious the reality of living according to sin (and death) and to live according to My Spirit (which is life and freedom).  Do not be deceived to think that you may serve two masters!  Too many do not submit to Me, for if they did, I would surely tell them the sin they must repent of.  I will never settle, for any to continue in sin – I cannot justify sin in anyone, but how many justify the sin they love!  So many say that the enemy is ‘attacking’ them!  As if they were faultless.  So they seek for prayer ‘against the enemy’ – they have been deceived.  For the real enemy is self that loves sin, and the enemy has to do very little to entice.  For the err is in not taking Me at My Word in what I say regarding sin.  It is a matter of a true heart that wants to know and follow Me and they will receive the truth that will set them free.  John 8:31-32.

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  1. […] The enemy looks unceasingly upon the souls of men, and even with great anticipation over those who are Mine, watching for when they may take advantage and enter in your life and circumstances.   For they can only enter through a right-of-way, though they are able to assist in getting there, through lies and lures so what they tempt with may be of success.  It is the responsibility of each man and woman to guard their souls so they do not leave any opening for the enemy to enter in, to gain a foothold.  This is why so many of My own suffer needlessly!  They have been duped, and remain so because they do not seek Me to give them the answer to the problem they suffer or face.  Instead, they look to Me to heal them or take the issue out of their lives.  They do not fully believe that the life they live is not physical, but spiritual.  That in the spirit if they fought and grew in strength, they would be able to discern and not be so easily overtaken.  They do not understand the seriousness that the enemy has a vast army who are skilled in what they do and are able to accomplish a great many fetes because of ignorance.  That many things that my people ‘deal with’ are needless, but they accept them as being part of life, but really what they are is the enemies fingerprint upon their lives.  Too many of Mine do not take seriously what must be and that is to quit looking to themselves, man or man’s creation to find their answer.  Quit searching such things and become serious in your devotion to Me!  I tell you, there are far too many who are Mine who die too early because of what they have given to.  They still come into My presence they have been stolen from, what they could have.  The warnings are very clear as I have given them through My prophets and apostles through the scriptures.  They are there for all to lay hold of to put into practice and this is their safe guard.  But even in this, the enemy has entered in to create question upon the validity of My word, or if it is even applicable for the believer today.  If My people would seek Me, and be of repentant heart, I will enter in, bring light to where they have allowed darkness to overtake to deceive and corrupt.  I will reveal to them the truth, step by step.  With each truth I reveal, I wait for the acknowledgement and the casting off before I will reveal more.  This too, is where many start, but they will be deceived to stop.  Understand My people how serious this is!  Understand how precious you are in My sight and this is why the enemy seeks to destroy Mine own!  Understand that there are spiritual laws.  Speak not with a corrupt mouth!  In your anger do not sin!  Take every thought captive to the obedience of God!  Seek to be of pure heart.  Do not boast in anything – except your God!  Make humility what you wear!  Seek not just your own, but for the interest of others!  Do you hear in the few words here what I am telling you?  Everything done by you is of the law of sin and death or the law of life and liberty.  This is why you must not walk carelessly, but be careful in all things in fearful reverence in the things of God for they are what will give you life and peace.  Respect what I have said, in ALL the words of scripture My people!  Take them to mean something to you, not just a few passages that you have taken a liking to but to the whole counsel I give to you. As you do, it will become alive, and food for you that you will only crave more and will develop a deeper and greater love for.    For they speak of who I AM throughout.  You see that My own have put themselves under judgement, in what they do, without thinking – because of ignorance!  My people perish because of the lack of knowledge that they fail to seek and obey!  You cage yourself in to put chains upon you – through many things you have carelessly allowed and participated in and things you have not put a stop to.  Do not contend with the enemy as to rebuke him as so very many do thinking they are doing spiritual warfare rather the battle is in how you conduct yourselves in practice through the word I give to you and this will plummet the enemy who contends for you. Related:  The Reality of the Spiritual Forces of Darkness ,   Addiction […]


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