Seek Not the Prophet

My ways are never man’s way for I defy human reason and logic.  I do not seek to give answers for answers sake.  Many look for answers though they care not hear The Truth.  When I speak, what I tell brings revelation of My Son, in who He is, accomplished and what He has come to do.   My Word will either sharpen or dull the hearer.  For my Word is alive and will do its work to which it has been sent and to not take hold of it, is to reject it and to grow dull of heart.   For dangerous is the ground upon all who seek to hear apart from My Son, in My Spirit.  Realize that the enemy lays traps to snare the unsuspecting, carnal minded soul.  Also know that he has knowledge of God and understands more of the way of My ways than the carnal mind so that his tongue be like an angel of light and his ‘revelation’ be like of a messenger from God for he truly will share to all who are hungry for his ‘words’.  He takes great joy in the worship that a great many deceived give to him in the ‘spirit of prophesy.’  I tell all who have ears to hear, do not seek after the prophet to prophesy but in understanding seek first always My Son, who IS the Spirit of prophesy, and it is He who will reveal to you all that He desires.  In this way, you will receive (true) prophesy as you see the Truth in it by My Spirit.  For then you will see all the false prophesy you have given to for what it really is – a lie, for I will reveal to you its error.  I call all who are Mine, to seek after My Son to desire to know Him more than you did yesterday.  Let this be where you seek after prophesy, for all prophesy is in Him.  I am grieved by all the charlatans who have taken stage and how many have been snared by the food they hand out, in My name!  Remember how you have been warned that there will be false prophets among you!   Do you not see this My People?  Look and seek after God, and as you do, I will reveal to you what you must see!  Depend upon My Son, do not depend upon the prophet to prophesy the days’ worth – that keeps you hungry for the next days’ worth!   My prophesy goes forth already, and because there is a hunger for this garbage, there is no hunger for the Truth, Way and Life I speak to all who I call to speak of Him.  You would be surprised in who speaks My Words from their lips, for I have placed My Word in many who simply speak them without them even knowing they speak prophetically!  Take this into your heart and let it sink into you, that you may repent of the desires you have developed that are not of Me.