A Small Conversation

A small conversation between God and myself, in the meditation of my heart and His –  thought I’d share:

There are so very many who are addicted and are looking for the answers that will take them from the pit they have fallen into.  They look at each ‘answer’ that the world offers, like one who shops for a product to buy into.  The answer that I give does not offer what they want to hear, which is easyism.  They are in the place of addiction BECAUSE of easyism.  What is easyism?  Easyism takes on many forms but is the same product offer – to give the ‘shopper’ a product that has no or next to no cost to them.  Quick, easy and satisfying results is what is wanted involving little to no effort on their part. 

Today’s Christianity at large is comprised on the foundation of easyism; for you gain eternal life – by taking up the product of Jesus Christ.  There is no cost to you, only believe in Him and you will have all that He has paid for – free!

My Father, how truly pathetic this is, for it is true.  I am so sorry for this!  How terrible it is that Jesus is taken only because He is such a great bargain!  I can only imagine your anger against this.  I can only imagine your fury!  I hear this say of belief, by even those who are in my close circle – and it grieves me.

I take into account everything.  I see those who truly seek after Me, even though they do not know very much.  I count their heart as precious – though they continue to stumble.  For it is not in the performance of man that I look at but the heart.  I offer grace and mercy to all who would only seek after finding their God.  They may not even know the right name for Me, they may not even know about Jesus Christ and what He has accomplished for them.  All one needs to know is that they would seek to find the God that is evident in all of creation.  For it is true, I have placed My fingerprint upon all things.  And if one would only look they would see, and in this they begin to set out to find Me.  O but how few there are who do so!  How few there are that even desire to seek after Me.  For I will extend to all who look for Me, in the little they know and understand – I will give to them what they need so they may see and continue to seek to find Me.  

I so know this to be true in my own life.  You are so merciful and gracious to anyone who would be true in looking for You, I do not doubt this.  How beautiful are your ways, how kind and full of joy towards all who would seek after you.  You watch each one with eyes that search for the slightest of inkling anyone may have in searching you.  I am so grieved in seeing how you are so very kind, and how many turn a cold heart to You!

It is certainly grievous my dear one, for there are many who merely say they are Mine and do not consider that I see the heart that lies in them that speaks otherwise.  They truly take Me as a fool and that I do not see!  It is a very dangerous game they play for it is true, I am kind, but I also am full of fury against all sin and will not tolerate it in any. My Son did not die to be mocked, for He died because of the sin that so many (who would say they are Mine) want to continue in!

I pray that we would see this and turn from this way of wickedness!

Yes, be certain to always maintain your heart, and that it be true.  Seek not to be right in your own eyes, but seek to be right in My eyes. 

I am blessed, and ask that I be a blessing to others through your Son Jesus Christ in me – Amen.