My Life – is to be Lived in You

I AM in you so you in turn are in Me.  Abide in Me for in so doing you will remain in My life.  My life is not merely something that I accomplished – in overcoming death.  It is not a mere event, My life is for your very existence into My Kingdom.  My life MUST be lived – through you!  This is a hard saying for the carnal mind – so seek to understand what this means and I will reveal to you its truth and power.  Do not think you have grasp it!  For you do not understand its vast depths, there will always me more to know and learn! Seek to go deeper into the very heart of God who is I AM who I AM.  Seek no longer for the little things!  Seek and go into the heart  of God where you will know the Truth that will set you free, and in this, you may live the abiding life in the Vine and where your drink will be the living waters that only I can give.  No longer live in the shallow lands where no root can grow to mature but instead dive into the depths of I AM and learn what it means to live MY life in the Abiding I command.  When I give understanding, you will read in the Word and begin to see as you have not yet – seek Me and I will pour out upon you the understanding you have yet to have. Too many go to study and search other things of the kingdom, yet they do not have this basic understanding – and so they go on into realms of ‘more interest’ failing to grasp what is that they need to build their inner man of the spirit.  Learn and desire to learn what it means to Abide.  Learn and desire to understand what the great mystery that Paul revealed; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory and you will see its depths are endless and filled with great and exciting things that you do not yet even know!   John 15:1-8

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  1. Beautiful word Cheryl, Terry Bennett is teaching this from Messengers of Shiloh ministries so powerful.Life changing, as is truth.

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