The Ability to Overcome – Depends upon You.

Where you invest is where you will receive.  Some invest little and to these they will yield a little.  The little they receive will not be enough for them to be overcomers of this dark and evil world.  They will not know freedom.  For those who invest all they have into the Lord Jesus Christ, to these they will know Him and His joy.

I give all enough to sustain them in this dark and evil world.  Some only take a little of what I give and so they only yield the little it gives them.  Because they continue to join in the world and its philosophy and pleasures, they cannot also take part in the things of God to receive all My benefits.  So they will be ever learning but never increasing in the power, knowledge and strength I give.

I am faithful, and give to all who would take from Me.  What is the problem is that many who profess to be believers in Me, take very little, because they are continuing to take from the world.  It is only those who would ‘sell all they have’ so they may join Me that they have the capacity to be filled with all that I desire to give, which is My fullness.  To the degree any man desire to give up – is the degree I will fill.  You have a great population in Christian communities that are shallow and have no desire to go down deep into the depths of My Son.   They continue to love the things of this world and to fulfill the lusts of their flesh rather than to take up everlasting life My Son gives freely to any who desire Him.   The depth of ones life in Christ depends upon what one desires, and sadly many do not desire Him enough.  To these ones, they will not overcome.  They will not overcome the sins that plague them, the lusts of their flesh that order them around or the dictates of the world.  I have given all I have in My Son, to all that they may freely take of Him and live.  But far too many do not take Him as the life they need, they take Him as one option to add to the life they already live.  They are in danger of not ever knowing Him, and even worse – Him not knowing them.  For on that great day, many will hear, ‘depart from Me for I do not know you!’