Celebrity Teachers

So many look outward for the move of God.  They look to people to see His power.  While there are certainly many who walk in My power it is not something to be glamorized or sensationalized where the man or woman becomes what is lifted up and even sought after – to be idolized or even worshiped.  Today you have many businesses that have been formed, called ministries where there are thousands of people who flock to such ones as some kind of celebrity.  These men and woman have made a name for themselves, they have built their own kingdoms using My name.  They have made the name of the Living God a den for thieves and robbers as they bring in their money and fame.  People are raised up into these positions because this is what is wanted by those who have tickling ears.  It is foolishness.   How is it that a man or a woman can speak of themselves to such audiences and lift their names up and expect that they be blessed by God?  For even the very Spirit of God does not speak of Himself, but always brings glory to Jesus who is the Son of God.  They do this because they do not feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit.   Any one of My servants do not seek for fame, they do not seek to write books, they only seek one thing and that is to proclaim the Kingdom of God.  My servants do not have large followings, for not many ‘enjoy’ the words My servants speak.  For My words will prick to the heart, they will stir up those who are caught in sin.  So be certain, the men and woman who are lifted up across the world as something worthy of being noted – be careful in seeking after ones such as these.  For all who have been Mine, who have served Me faithfully and in truth in the power of My Spirit, have been hated.  Some martyred.  Anyone who serves Me, will not be loved by the world, nor will they be lifted up as the world lifts them up.

My power moves within anyone who walks with Me in truth.  Who is humble before Me, I will fill.   These ones who know My power and presence, will not be led to seek after those who claim to have My anointing.  There is no need to run to anyone for this, because they already have what I give them.   Each of those who truly walk in My power are drawn to one another by My Spirit – and this is greatly different from how those who claim to walk in Me draw the crowds.  The god of this world is who they serve and who ‘blesses’ them.  Do not be deceived to think that he does not give to them what they petition for.  For this is a profitable lie, that yields to him a great many ignorant and foolish souls – who do not take the time to seek after Me but leave their teaching they get to these teachers they follow after.

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  1. Walking in truth, seeking in His teachings. Thank you Lord for your convictions and for your Godly teachers! In these days there truly are wolves acting as sheep. Church be ever watchful, the path is narrow. Blessings!


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