The Temple where Satan Dwells

I dwell in temples who invite My Spirit in.  These temples are of My own doing, for I create them by the power of resurrection.  It is beyond anyone’s capability and doing.  I sanctify a soul, for My presence to come and dwell.  I am Holy, and so anyone who accommodates Me is to be holy.  I do not allow the profane to dwell and will work continually to cleanse My vessels of its filth.  My temples are found in the Spirit of God, where no man or foe can touch.  When a man first invites Me to enter, I have a small place and it is My work to expand in each vessel My presence in them.  As they lay down what I convict them, and follow in what I teach them, they will grow In Me within them.

Alternatively, Satan takes the vessels of carnal man and dwells there.  His temple is the lustful flesh of man.  He will seek to devour the entire soul of a man, through his own lustful flesh.  He uses great and well laid schemes to accomplish many a down fall of godly men, through their own flesh.  The war is on, and Paul has described it well (Romans 7) between the carnal man and the spirit.

It is day by day that My servants must live and choose who they will serve.  For be assured, who you serve is who you worship and who will be the voice to direct you.  Understand that there is danger for all who continue to live serving their flesh in its lusts.  Satan will never let up in bringing enticements to snare victims into his web.  Do not think that because you have the Holy Spirit in you, you are safe from Satan’s schemes!   No, each time you are presented with temptation, this is great instruction for you – in what you must yet crucify!  For he only entices to what remains alive in you!  He will arouse in you, what you must yet kill.  Do not be ignorant to his schemes, he never rests to steal from you, to destroy and even kill you.

I give all who are Mine, the Kingdom of God and all the power and resources to overcome the devil’s strategy.  But understand, that what he will tempt you with, will be subtle and if you are not alert in the Word and communion with the Living God – continually – he will be like a magician who lulls one into  well laid trap.  I give all of Mine the means to stay sharp, able to perceive and discern what is going on around them. My Word is a sharp two-edged sword able to divide soul and spirit!  This comes with discipline of the body, of the mind and the soul.  Be transformed by the renewing of your mind – and get My Word into you!  A great warrior does not earn his notoriety by being slack in his conduct.  He becomes great by his own discipline and understanding what his cause and purpose is so he will not be easily deviated.    So are all who are Mine.  The weak in heart and mind will be easily wooed to wander off away from Me.

My people must understand that there is a danger they live in – daily, and that is to be servant to the lust of their own flesh.


Too many, who say they are Mine, are in fact slaves of their own flesh!   For in reality to be a slave of serving your flesh, you are under the obedience of sin.  In this Satan governs your every move.  There seems to be a disconnect in understanding the danger one is under when they live to serve and please the lusts of the flesh.  Those who do – though they count themselves as My servants – who they truly serve is revealed.   They are a deceived people thinking they can serve two masters.  This can never be.  The rule of one’s own flesh easily leads many and they are deceived because they don’t understand that they are under another’s rule and are committing idolatry and they do not realize they deny the Spirit His place in their lives.  It is like the one who gives place to the rich prominent man a good chair that is comfortable and then says to the lowly, you go there – sit on the floor in the back; James 2.  Many do this to the Living God as they give place to the showy and prominent (their flesh) while they deny Me My rightful place leaving Me in the back dark recess of their lives.  Only when it serves their purposes they call Me to the front, offer Me their petitions and give ritual thanks and praise then they leave Me where I fade into the back of all they think and do.  They don’t realize what they do, because they give no thought to what they do.  Where there heart is, so is all what they treasure.  Their lives prove My absence.  There are so many who live this way that it goes unnoticed for the most part among each other.   Then when you have those who serve Me where I am given place of honor in their lives, they are not well accepted in groups and assemblies such as this.  They are counted as fanatic and counter to the god they serve and are ignored or even rejected.  I do not dwell in anyone who despises My company and despise those who are Mine and serve Me.  Those who walk according to their own lustful flesh, will only reap sin and corruption.  There is deceit in sin so as to many do not even count sin as sin!  Many do not count lust of the flesh, pride of their eyes as evil in My sight!  So, when anyone lives according to how I prescribe them to, they are hated even by those who say they follow after Me!  Lovers of this world bear its fruit and drink its poison that will steal, destroy and kill them.  They trip over their own sin, and call it a satanic attack and begin calling down the host of heaven against it!  They do not see how foolish they are and what they invite in, as they conduct such foolishness!   Their own lack of knowledge, by their own admission – brings them to the place of death!  Death to right thinking.  Death to hearing the Word.  And eventually, death to dying both spiritually and physically.  They perish – because they refuse to go to the Well for their drink and prefer to go to their own cisterns to taste the poison of their choice.   I call all day long, because this is not My will for anyone!  I speak out all day long, to point them where they must go.  But ears that will not hear will only become deaf against My voice.  I would say to all who hear Me now, ask me for the ears to hear – so they may see how they must flee from their lusts into the Living God who forgives all who repents of their sin.   To those who are deaf and of hardened heart, hear Me today so you may hear My voice and humble yourself before Me, turn from your wicked way and repent and I will come to you in My own mercy and grace and forgive you.

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