Those who talk from both sides of the mouth

My anger kindles towards those who talk from both side of their mouths.  They bless Me with their words while they curse Me as they chase another so as to attain their ‘well-being’ from. They blurt out with their mouths- perversion that reveals their own heart but they are deaf to its truth.  They are arrogant believing to be right (towards Me) in their own eyes.  They know nothing about Me for they do not go beyond their own flesh into My depths where the flesh dwells not.  They do not understand that they have not My Spirit because they are consumed to strive to maintain their fleshly lusts.  They are full of pride and rebellion and are hardened to the conviction of My Spirit.

Pray for the fall they must experience to be broken and crushed and brought to shame – in humiliation of their own pride, then I may be able to speak to them where they will hear Me and turn from their wickedness to Me.

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