The Snare of Compromised Truth

It has been written; there is a way that seems right in man, and this is what man’s snare is.  Thinking they are right they do not consider their religious deeds to search Me and My Word regarding them.   My word is always the plumb line and basis for all what is true and will expose the error of such deeds.  But like the Pharisees, who had the Truth stand before them, who is the embodiment of the Word of Truth in all of the scriptures they searched -they still could not see.

To see truth the heart must be prepared.  When men walk in their own pride, in their own intellect of what they esteem as true, though it be in fact true they will not see its Living Truth even if He stands before them!   So in practice today,  you will see men who do in fact walk in Truth that is found in the Word, who is Jesus – but only so far and are confined against learning more because of their heart.

I must have – always – a man who is humble before Me, so I may continue to pour into that man more of My Truth in My Spirit.  As it was with Paul, My servant I gave to him a thorn that caused in him humble dependency upon Me.  For it is too easy for any man, though he may be full of the knowledge of the Truth, to be puffed up for those around him, will even lift him up to his own detriment.  This is why no man who be lifted up in this way can continue in My Living Word.  He will resort to what I have revealed in his past when he was humble before Me, and will build his ministry upon this.

I ask no man woman or child to build for themselves ministries that is under the banner of their own name!  Who is glorified in this, but their own name!  Who among such a people would be willing to go underground, and work his ministry unnamed and anonymous?  I say you will have a hard time finding one, for look around you now and you see.  Books are written, by men who have been given revelation by Me, who have made my Word their businesses and places of market.

I say do not sell the truth!  But buy it at all costs!  What does this mean?  Freely you have been given, freely you give.  And what you do not yet have you are willing to pay the price to get what is Truth – no matter what the cost- and I am not talking about currency.

Do you remember when Paul spoke out against those who lifted up men and began forming denominations?  It is no different today in fact you see the fruit of such error.   There is such straying from the path of Truth that it will only take Me to bring such a soul back.

Even the most learned, filled with knowledge of the truth is at risk for straying, you must all understand this!  Do not think you are right in your own eyes!  Make certain you are right in My eyes.  The truth will always bring division, yes – but I do not ask for men to divide by what they have deemed right.  There is a distinction between the two.  Pride is the wall that causes this kind of division.  Humility will be what divides others from you, when you follow Me.  They separate from you as the result of a soul who does not compromise in My way and My will.

The world (and its religious spirit) will repel from anyone who walks in My righteousness and truth.   When the world is ok with you and even is your friend – you do not walk in My Truth.   I am not one who allows compromise.

Those who would have ears to hear listen to My words!   In all that you do, line it up to My Truth and do not take for granted that just because the majority of your circles do and believe does not mean it is according to My Way and will!  This is the snare that has many bound and where they become hard so they do not want to hear what is Truth.

Do not think that just because something is religious I approve.  Do not think that just because you love Me that I will overlook where you walk in error, for then I would have to apologize to many who have suffered because of their rebellion against the Truth.

My truth always sets souls free, so that what they have held onto as their loves, desires – in lustful bondage they will cast off without hesitation!  My truth does not act alone, but is in My Son and to walk in Truth is to abide in Him.  I speak what is true in all who would give up their very lives and they will know what freedom is and never look back.

I am Spirit and Truth and do not dwell among men in what they call truth, even those who make it religious!  I look for a people who are willing to give up the clang of what the worldly religious call truth and what they worship and deem holy.  I look for a people who will cast off such trappings and will learn what it means to worship Me in Spirit and Truth.