Travel Light

I call all of My own, who have the name of My Son upon their hearts to travel light while you sojourn in this foreign land which is the world.  Live like one who lives out of their suitcase, so that you have nothing that holds you down to sway you in making decisions when I call you to go here or go there.  See your life here, on earth, as not your home.  Do not lay-up treasures here for you are only passing through!  For many, carry what I do not ask them to carry and it becomes a stumbling block.  I may not ask you to travel in the literal sense, but I do ask you to go to places and situations near where you are but since you hold firmly onto others and things this will certainly prevent you from being able to go.  Be careful in what you gather to yourself though they even be good.  I say that you cannot love your sons daughters mothers and fathers husband and wives more than Me for if you do, you cannot hear My call for your love and allegiances to others and things will prevent you.  Too many who say they follow Me only do so in word, for they cannot in their deeds because they are tied to many things.

Come to Me and ask Me what holds your heart away from Me, if you truly desire to know this, I will certainly and plainly tell you.  I warn you though, only ask if you are serious and want to cut the tie that binds you.