The Enemy and His Power

I had this dream that I believe came from God that revealed the reality of those who are uncovered (naked) and exposed to the devil’s power.

In the dream I heard voices that were like a power and all consuming.  They were loud and you could not be relieved of them, there was no place to hide from having them be heard.  The voices were indescribably ugly, cruel full of hatred and evil intent.  They were like liquid and permeated everything.   I ran trying to be free from them but realized that there was nowhere to escape them.  The voices were full of murder, insanity, confusion, greed, lusts, selfishness, fear and were like nooses being flung to snag around our necks.  The sound of them, I can’t forget!  Frightening, terrifying and full of horror!

These voices belong to the Evil one and enshroud the whole world.  People are continually subjected and enslaved to them to be led by them if they are not blood bought.  Even those who are blood bought, who dare to walk out from under the grace God grants us, into following their flesh – fall victim.   

We are warned on several occasions in the bible and I believe we just don’t take seriously how serious the devil is bent upon our ruin.  His job is made easy because we do not see the seriousness of what comes against us.

Take a look around, mental Illness is a growing, suicide increases, and confusion of all kinds arise around us.  Evil lives next door, and even in our homes!  The day is growing dark, as the bible predicts – all the more reason why we must sober up and walk in God’s righteousness through His Son – with diligence.  For we as those who walk among this world in all its unbelieving and ungodly – must be on constant alert.  The devil walks around like a prowling lion, with his keen eye on us just waiting for a moment of weakness so he may jump on us to devour!  It’s not a joke, we have an adversary who hates us and wants nothing better than to destroy our testimony in Christ.

Be  sober, be vigilant because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. 1 Peter 5:8