The Anchor – The Word

There is an army, a host in the heavenlies that move according to their ranks and whose aim is to devour all who are weak and of no strength.  This host are like a wave that comes and takes all who are not anchored in its power and fury.  Those who profess My name but do not contain My word in them will be snagged into its devastation.  They will be carried away like a twig in the oceans swell – for they have no power in them to stand against this.  My Word has warned all from the beginning and still it goes unheard.  For these ones who will be swept away the ones who hold in their hearts not the Lord, but a god of their own will and choice, who has seized and snared them so they do not see nor hear of the danger to come for them.  Those who will fall prey will be all those who have not taken serious My Word to take it into themselves.  The waves that come are My sifting and will only increase.  My Word is like a weight in the souls of men and woman and child who would receive.  Those who take My Word into them to chew as food – will it grow within them and take root as they walk in the truth of My Word to become their anchor.   Precept upon precept does one grow in strength so they would overcome on the day that they are approached by the evil one.  You see now in the world how this vast army moves among the masses and sifts them and swallows them up into their deception.  You see now the anger that is fueled against the narrow way.  Be not afraid to walk upon this (narrow) way that is now called evil, for it is the road that is safe for all who are Mine who will not bow to what comes against them to tempt them.   All who would continue to walk in My Name but who do not seek My Word to know it and follow it are those who walk in rebellion.  For My Word to them is optional and a matter of opinion.  These are the ones who seek after teachers who serve them in how they like to hear and are ones who despise the truth of My Word.   See how many mountains are raised up by men for men in their grand pulpits and filled colosseums.  Listen to these men and women and you will surely see they do not know nor teach the Word, for if they did they would not be lifted upon the mountains they are on now!  For My Word is despised by the masses.  My Word convicts and points into men’s hearts their need of Me and the sin they must repent of!

The Word is living and will keep all who are Mine from being deceived and must be consumed continually for it to sustain Life in the soul.  Many are deceived to think they need not the Word in this way, and they are dead!  They do not abide in the Vine by My Word, and wither and die.  They insult My Son whom they profess to believe for He is the Word, the very thing they despise!

Anyone who does not love the Word, to daily read it and put it into practice – are those who despise it.

The Word is My Son, and He is the way, the truth and the life – and must be consumed daily – continually.  He is the bread of life and living water for all who would live.  Do not take for granted the Word and seek it always.  Do not trust men to feed you.  He feeds all who come to Him, who are hungry.