The Reality of Sowing to our Flesh

Dream:  I saw a street of houses and was standing in front of one in particular.  The front door was opened and I walked to it and went inside.  I understood immediately that it was taken over by great violence like in a horror movie.  I knew that its owner was viciously attacked as I could see evidence of blood everywhere with shattered glass and overturned furniture and broken and torn walls.  The house was filled with a sick silence and I called out the name of the owner but understood that there was nothing I could do for this person now.  I immediately felt the urgency that I must flee, or I too will be overtaken.  My insides were filled with indescribable sorrow for this person but had to leave because I could feel the monster who had done all this watching me.  I turned and left the house and new I must run for my life.  As I did, I saw the houses I ran past too had doors flung open in the same way the one I just left, they were visited by the same monster.

God revealed to me as I sought Him for meaning of such a disturbing dream, that we as the Temple of God are these houses.  And sad reality is that we can and often fall victim to the same monster.  We invite him in when we sow to our flesh, that is when we let our flesh lead us and not the Spirit.  He gave me a vision of going on a tour of our Temples and was able to see this reality. I describe it on my blog; Way Truth & Life in a post titled: Our Body the Temple.