Right in Who’s eyes?

To the proud in heart, the religious who are right in their own eyes:

I write this to you, but you will not read it for yourself, because you see yourself as perfect in your relationship with Me.  I wish to speak to you, the one who believes they walk rightly before Me.  How do you know that this is true?  How can you stand in such confidence that you are pleasing to Me?  Do you base this upon your own opinion, what others say or think that you are companions with?  I ask you this, do you look into the Word and measure yourself according to what it is I say?  I tell you this, where I dwell will be in a people who are humble and know their frame.  Who seek Me daily in all they do.  Where I dwell, they will long for Me and I am in their thoughts continually.  These ones hear Me when I convict their heart and quickly move to my command.  I ask you this, do you weep over sin?  Are you grieved by it?  Or are you comfortable keeping company with it?  I care nothing for anyone who carries out their religious duties and count them as nothing.  I look for hearts that search for Me, and seek Me over all other things.  I accept obedience as My offering.  All who take what I have given them, in My Son and count Him as everything in word and in deed – I dwell with.  I ask you, do you understand what this means in your religion?  Those who are Mine in word only, are not Mine at all.  It is those who are Mine in word and in deed through My Son.  The deceived know nothing of this, and will not inquire to know to find it.  Those who do, understand and rejoice!