Who Among You is Without Sin?

Who among you is without sin?  Look around, and do not neglect to look into your own heart!  For it is in your heart that comes murder!  I say that you can make your outer self look oh so pure and clean, but it is I who can see your heart.  You may deceive others and even yourself, but I cannot ever be deceived.  Sin will never leave you for when you deal with one to get rid of it another will crop up.  My blood I give is to cover this sin.  Oh but not so fast!  Do not ever think that My blood will cover sin that you seek to enjoy and continue in!  If you do not hate it, then I will not cover it to clean you!  I say do not judge others of the sin you still have in you that you too practice!  Careful, to make sure as you look to another and see clearly their sin to first look into your own heart.  Deal with it then you will be able to help your brother or sister with dealing with theirs.  When I give the commandment ‘love God with all your heart, mind and soul’ hear it.  For to love Me the way I require is to avail your entire heart.  Many do not see this.  They have other things in their hearts that they offer up love to – all the while they say they love Me.  To love me is to love Me the way I command – otherwise it is not love.  Many have affection for Me, but they have not gone beyond to prove their love by giving to Me their entire heart.  It is for each own benefit to love Me in this way, for when I am contained fully in one’s heart – they will hear Me, they will be drawn to Me and will easily turn from what I show them they must lay down.  Do not mistake easy, to mean without cost.  There is always cost to love.  But I will reveal only to souls who love Me the way I require.  Do not be deceived to think that since you say you love Me, you in fact do.  I am with those who love Me, and My blood cleanses the sin they commit – and they will sin no more as I walk with them.  Layer by layer, I walk with My own, cleansing and washing and making each one holy and without blemish.  Do not be deceived to think your heart is good.  A heart that is truly good is one who has committed wholly to me their heart, daily.  In this heart I call pure and they will see Me and only want to keep clean before Me.  You are not clean, will never be clean – until you give to Me your heart, and are willing to love me with your entire heart, mind and soul.  I do not ask you to be without sin, I ask that you love Me and in this I will take care of the sin you have now and will encounter in your walk with Me.