What it means to be IN Christ

Anyone who enters in by the right path has access to the unsearchable riches of glory eternal!  Where it is the joy of the Lord that is your strength – and where man’s strength is your downfall!  Cling to what is eternal and you will walk by My Spirit to gain access into the strength I give to all -freely and generously.  O but be assured, to put your eye upon anything of material or upon any human you will not receive My riches.

I provide all to enter in – by My own invitation, I call to all – that none would perish into everlasting torment, through My Son.  He is the Door into My Kingdom.   Only those who go through My Son gains access to the Way into eternal life.

Upon entry, all must first lay aside all human ability and all dependency and love of sin which is also called repentance.   No one can at the same time go south and north, and so no one at the same time can enter in, and continue to live according to their own flesh or their old (sinful) lives.

Be certain, anyone who is yoked with the Living God I will give eyes to see sinful flesh so they will mourn over this!  For My light shines for them to see what they must turn from!  The closer anyone is to Me the more they desire to run from anything evil.  They will see the danger that sin is and how it poses threat against our fellowship.  O do not be deceived; Sin separates!  My love does not separate anyone who clings to Me and will I keep in My wings – but be warned sin will whisk anyone away who is not willing to repent of it!

My light is bright and will expose what I call out – and do not think that since you are under my Name that you no longer need to worry about sin!  On contrary, you must participate with Me when I reveal sin to you – to deal with it, cutting it off, otherwise it will be like an infectious root that will poison your soul!  This is the way of life for all who count Me as their Lord and worship Me – walk in My light, as I am in the Light and when I show you darkness of sin you are to acknowledge that it is sin and turn from it – then you are washed by the Blood of the Lamb who takes away sin.  Make no mistake to think that you may continue to sin and be counted as mine is not of My Spirit, but antichrist!  The evil one has planted this seed of offense to which many have foolishly believe and spread as true.

The life I give to those who would have it, has nothing to do with this world.  My abundance cannot be measured in success, finance, worldly blessing and health.  Many run after this as their sign that I am in their lives, but this is the offer Satan gives.  To their own shame, many have taken his bait and do not know they follow after the doctrine of devils, saying it is Me.  Be assured, the devil has the power to increase peoples ‘blessing’ on these levels – so as to deceive and snare those who are earthbound in their religion.  Have I not said that My kingdom is in you, and is from above – not in this world?  Those who are poor, are rich!  Those who are rich are poor!   For to rely on riches is to reveal where you are found.   I do not say that to be rich is evil, I say that to pursue riches for earthly gain is not of My Spirit.  I look after all who are mine, according to My economy.  Do not seek after things in this world, seek after the Kingdom of God and you will not need to worry for all these things.

Seek for holiness and as you do, I will reveal to you what is profane.  I will also give you the desire to turn away from things that you even love now – that are unholy in the light of My glory.  It is those who are holy that are able to see God.  As your vision is strengthen to see things of the Spirit, you are able to quickly turn from what you once loved and enjoyed and your relationship with Me will go deeper.

Do not be deceived to believe that I am a God of Love (only), I also hate.  I hate sin.  I hate evil and lying hearts.  I hate all that seeks its own.  My wrath is stored like a bank stores its currency – on those who collect such as these in their hearts, for the great and terrible day.  Instead, lay up your treasures in heaven, these kinds of treasures have nothing to do with what I hate by their very nature.    Strive to be one who continuously clean their own vessels.  I have given you the effective cleaning agent, My Sons blood.  It can be applied and effective to get rid of the stain and evidence of sin ONLY when it is acknowledged and repented of.  Come to Me always and ask what is in your heart, and I will reveal to you any hidden wickedness, do not be afraid to see this, rather be diligent to know that you are prone to harbor such and desire to quickly get rid of it!  Ignorance is not bliss – as many believe!  Live and walk soberly before Me, and I will take you into the holy of holies as you walk in My light and turn from all sin and the profane.

No one can walk the road of the Living God unless it be by My Son for He is the truth.  My Word is who He is.  For anyone to be found in Him they will seek after truth in My word.  For this is the food they would eat that will renew their minds so they may walk in My Spirit.  Only by My own Word will anyone see and hear and be true worshipers.  To say that you are Mine and not give proper place to reading the word, and seeking after it – is to be a liar.  I am not found in You if you are not a lover of My word, for He is My own Son!  You will fall in love with Him deeper and greater as you seek after Him through the pages of scripture and daily you will grow in your knowledge of who We are intimately.

To say that you are IN Christ, is not mere words as many are led to believe.  You ARE IN Christ when you possess a heart that is true, and one that is repentant and walks in the light.  You are counted in Christ the first day you say you believe in Me – and are found in Me, though you do not know much.  What I look for are hearts that are seeking Me and are committed to turning from their old sinful ways.  You may not know how to stop certain sinful behaviors let this not be your preoccupation.  Those who have hearts that truly desire to turn from them, and make the steps they know how in this, I will move in their lives – when they look and trust in Me.  To be IN Christ is to not count your fleshly carnal lives and needs any longer as you once did.  You are seeking what can only be found above.  You may not know how to do this, but as you seek Me in your understanding and ability, I will lead You.  To be IN Christ is not easy, it comes with a cost and will not always feel good.  Sometimes you will not please others as you strive to live this way and have to endure persecution, or you will feel the burn of denying your old flesh – but be assured, you will go through this fire and will gladly go through it again, because of all what you gain by it.

When I shine My light upon anyone who desires to seek Me in Spirit and in Truth, they will see and flee from all that is contrary to this!