This is My Beloved Son, Hear Him!

My voice speaks even in this day, this hour among the voice of fear.  I am calling out and inviting those to hear the voice of God.  Panic has stricken and taken down many who have thought to be courageous.  You must lay down your panic, your worry and fear – for then I will speak into your ear.  Take My book and immerse yourself into it and let it live in You what it says about Me.  For those who have never opened it, open it now and I will turn the light on so you will see the Way the Truth and the Life – and is Jesus the Christ.    Do not let the fear of death – take your life from you so that you cannot truly live.  Death is not to be feared for all who are Mine – but is the door into eternity with Me for all who would believe on My Son, and take His Life to be theirs.   See and look at My Beloved Son, Hear Him!

The day is upon you that has been warned about, and many who thought they were prepared, those who believe in God, are not- for they are gripped by fear.  I say give to those who are in need.  But many are hoarding for themselves.  What they have will be taken from them.  When those who are Mine, give, they will always receive – from My Hand.  But when you hoard and take, I am not there to give in your time of need.

This is the refining fire My people, a time of testing to see who you believe, who you will trust and follow.  I have always spoken to those who are Mine, and they hear My voice.  So those who are Mine hear Me as they walk through this time of testing.  You will know when to turn to the left when to turn to the right. You will know when to give and when to receive.  Seek Me through this as always – and you will walk in My will.  Let not fear to dwell in your vessel for it will be sure to crush you and lock you in your own prison.

Let others know that this virus is nothing compared to the plague that many suffer from now – the plague of Sin.  Warn them that this virus may kill the body of some, but Sin kills ALL and will send them to eternal death if they do not do something about it before it is too late.

Call on the name of My Son, and seek Him to save you from the plague of sin and death that surely awaits all who have not repented of their sins and turned to Him for His Life.

The evil one is moving in great power and authority now as the time is for his glory to arise and come forth.  You see his work and its success worldwide.  Still, he is nothing compared to I AM.  I can take the ugliest of sinner or one who is ‘so far gone’ and pluck that one out of evil’s snare.  Call out now, hear Me and I will come to all those who would desire to listen and follow after Me.