The intention for this site is for the encouragement, edification and exhortation of the Body of Christ.  The words are meant for believers in Christ.  Each one has been born out of prayer supplication and my journey with the Lord.  May those who read the Word of the Lord hear what it is the Spirit is saying.  1 Peter 4:11

I do not for the most part, include scriptures references, but encourage for the readers to seek them out as part of the discerning process and ask that if anyone questions or concerns to please submit them in the contact link.

Here is a good reference to what one needs to look for when anyone speaks for God on a site called:  Got Questions so that you are careful in discerning truth from error.

I also have another blog called Way Truth & Life where I share my thoughts and insights as well as where I continue to write what it is God is placing on my heart that correlates to specific words here on A Word From The Lord.

I pray God’s blessing upon you that the burning in my heart would too burn in yours and we be flames among this darkening world for our Fathers glory, Amen!

Your sister in Christ,

Cheryl Adama, British Columbia Canada